Technical research is essential before any short-term investments. It emphasizes on the pricing and investment cost. We can determine the future trends & possibilities of a certain company after rigorous monitoring and analysis of past values of the stock. 

Technical Research gives us to identify opportunities by looking at the trends, stats related to stock’s movement, pricing, and volume. The prime concern is to know the factors that can affect price only. It does not focus on security intrinsic value but determines future growth. 

 The components of technical research are:
Price Movements: 

Up and down of price, history of the price of a specific stock, pattern, and trends of sell and purchase are called price movements. These are determinants of fluctuations and the future price of certain stocks. 
It is not for the long run but essential to get the maximum margin between buying and selling of shares. 

Market Psychology: 

It plays a very crucial role in short-term price fluctuations in the share market. Psychological trends help to analyze the ups and downs to gain the most out of them.